Jivamukti, perinatal and baby yoga


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Trish is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher.
Practicing and teaching Yoga to her fellow dancers she has experienced how beneficial a regular practice can be, especially when recovering from stress or injury. Yoga helped Trish to find a way to nurture herself into a holistic wellbeing with increased self awareness during demanding times..

Her recent pregnancy and the birth of her son have renewed and widened her interest in Yoga prompting her to study Baby Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga with Francoise Freedman at Birthlight.

Trish has first hand experience of utilising Yoga during and after pregnancy and birth in order to secure early bonding and create a happy and strong relationship between parent and child as well as promote healing and wellbeing during this intense time of physical, emotional and spiritual change.

Trish is passionate about sharing all she is continuing to learn from her son, her teachers and all the lovely mummies and babies she is privileged to meet on her journey.