Ride was commissioned by BBC Young Dancer 2015 and performed by Connor Scott in the Grand Final at Sadler’s Wells where he was later named the first overall winner.

Meeting Connor and watching his previous performances I was struck by the unspoiled natural way in which he used his skills. My aim was to create solo that could display a grounded power, where even at speed movement still has space and breath. I used Connor’s precision, natural flow and focus to play with the theme of the lone figure in dialogue with space and the energy that space holds. This energy wanted to be manipulated, collected, released and vice versa effect and trigger Connor’s movement.

Choreography Patricia Okenwa
Music Geoff Holroyde, James Holroyde
Dancer Connor Scott

Performed at Sadler’s Wells Theatre May 2015 with live broadcast on BBC2 and Latitude Festival July 2015

Photography: Stephen Wright