Stabat Mater

A choreographic score designed to adapt and evolve with each dancer, space and setting.
Stabat Mater seeks to challenge the image of the Madonna as a unique expression of maternal purity and perfection, acknowledging the individuality yet universality of the experience of mothering, validating the everyday actions and maternal attitudes inherited and expressed by many women. The central solo draws on gestures and movement held in the physical memory, the images multiplying as they are performed by more dancers, embodying the commonalities yet uniqueness of the maternal experience for each woman. The myth of the perfect maternal state is transcended by the complexity, pleasure and conflict of the daily experience of being a mother. The project aims to spark conversation and sharing of experiences and viewpoints around mothering — a physical, visceral dialogue, in both performance and workshop settings.

Choreography Patricia Okenwa
Music Geoff Holroyde, James Holroyde
Dramaturg Peggy Olislaegers
Rehearsal Director Stefano Rosato
Performed by Anna Borini, Estela Merlos, Piedad Albarracin, Winifred Burnet-Smith, Vanessa Kang
Assistants Sonia Illescas and Piedad Aibarracin

Performed in:
August 2017 Riverstage National Theatre and B-Motion Festival 2017 Bassano del Grappa, Italy with Opera singer Ann Liebeck performing fragments of Stabat Mater by Julia Perry.
August 2018 Theaterfestival Boulevard, NL.
November 2018 Torchlight event by Katye Coe at Siobhan Davies Studios.

Photography: Stephen Wright

Stabat Mater was commissioned by B-Motion 2017 Festival Opera Estate Bassano del Grappa, Italy , Theaterfestival Boulevard and supported by Arts Council of England through Grants for the Arts, Rambert, Stone Nest and Sadler’s Wells